Q: How long does it take to build a Web site?

A: A professional Web site takes time to evolve in full functionality. We require to work patiently with you to develop your web site to achieve your needs. It's a very interactive process and the completion time varies with the volume of project.

Q: Do we outsource?

A: No we do not outsource our project. All the projects are done in-house and attended by our professional workforce within the office.

Q: Is my project too small for you as a web solution company?

A: Not at all. We give same importance to all our clients.

Q: Can you provide bilingual Web site design?

A: Yes, we develop multilingual web site. The translated content can be provided by you or we can also do that for you.

Q: Do you provide marketing services for my new Web site?

A: Yes we do. We are skilled enough to provide you all types of online marketing.

Q: After launching SEO service for my site how long will it take to obtain visibility/ ranking in the search engines?

A: Honestly this is not easy to answer due to the uncertainty associated with evolving search engine behavior. However, according to our experienced SEO professionals, you ranking depends largely on the volume and type of competition you are facing. Fast work is not the solution! There is no ethical shortcut way! Strategy is the key! Impatience will spoil the broth!

Q: What options do I have for maintenance of my site?

A: Web Solution World offers a complete Web Maintenance Support Plan. We offer a support plan that gives you flexibility of updating, modifying your web site. You are just a phone call or an email away to accomplish the changes or required maintenance.

Q: Can I edit my own website?

A: Yes, we provide this facility, if you request us to incorporate our easy to edit web application in your web site. This would be an additional cost. Thereafter you can easily edit your content from your end.

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